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Help with interpreting results as I wait for biopsy?

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Hey guys. I recently visited a GI for some original gastritis diagnosis due to excessive alcohol use turned digestive issues. The digestive issues include bloating, gas, diarrhea from the gastritis diagnosis and then a few days of normal stools and then flip flopping between diarrhea and regular stools but then recently i had a few days of constipation and now I think I'm back to diarrhea. My concern started with me seeing clear undigested food in my stools that got me really scared and then I just kept seeing food and it was terrifying. Doc doesn't suspect celiac and thinks it might be IBS and the PPI from the gastritis but did tests nonetheless. The results came back and everything was normal expect for my MCHC, MCH, BUN, and Creatinine levels. He also did an endoscopy and said my stomach has mild inflammation and the duodenum appears normal but took biopsies as he has to have them looked under a microscope to actually see damage. I'm really really scared about the biopsy results which I won't know for another week or so. All this is happening so quickly and I've been suffering since my gastritis diagnosis two months ago with all these different problems. If someone could help me out with how likely you think that I do have celiacs or just learning to deal with this stuff it would be so so great. I'm in my freshman year of college and I'm so scared. 

Here are the numbers for these four as well as my TtG and IgA:

MCHC: 31.3 g/dL

MCH: 24.7 pg

Creatinine, Serum: 0.53 mg/dL

BUN: 5 mg/dL

IgA: 239 mg/dL

TtG: <2 U/mL

Both the IgA and TtG were reported as "normal". They said that the MCH and MCHC levels were not so drastically low so there was no need to worry. I noticed that other people's posts about the blood results contained some GDP tests? The IgA and TtG were the only celiacs related tests on my blood report. 

Please help me as much as you can. Thank you so so much!


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