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Mermaid's Mom

Cellulose and Lactose questions.

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1. Just wondering if Cellulose is problematic for anyone?  I read that it is on the safe food list but I have heard that some celiacs can't eat it?

2.  My daughter is new to all of this (only 2 weeks in) and we have eliminated Gluten, corn etc and are aiming to greatly reduce her dairy initially in case it is an issue also.  I bought a choc almond milk that didn't go over well and then a Lactose free choc milk.  It is soooo good.  It is actually milk.  I says that it is lactose free?  I just want to be sure that lactose is all that I need to be worried about in reducing dairy because this seems to good to be true?? LOL!


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Many celiacs are lactose intolerant because the intestinal villi tips are often blunted (damaged) and that prevents the enzymes that help to digest lactose from being released.  A lactose intolerance often goes away once healing is done (or almost done).  In my case, I added it back in to my diet slowly and started with products that are naturally lactose free or have had the enzymes added to remove lactose.  I used lactose free milk, yougurt, butter, hard cheeses.  As time went by, I was able to add in cottage cheese and ice cream!  If I am glutened, I become lactose intolerance again.  But a huge number of people are genetically lactose intolerant.  Celiac or not, they can not consume lactose. 

Some folks are actually allergic to the milk proteins, so yo  can be both lactose intolerant and have a milk allergy.  

I do have other intolerances due to a damaged gut.  Some have resolved and others not.  I can eat nuts now, but still not almonds.  So, no almonds for me.  I also react to some additives like Xanthan Gum (but other gums are okay).  This means no gluten-free commercially baked products.  I bake my own using guar gum.

I have several allergies, but those have greatly improved probably due to healing. 

 Everyone is different, so it is best to keep a food journal.  

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