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I am a month and a half gluten free after being diagnosed with celiac. I have been doing well, but I have been having extreme craving and hunger. Why do I feel like I am being starved when I am eating big meals. I have been eaten a lot of protein and replacing the gluten carbs with brown rice, potatoes, beans, etc. Nothing makes the hunger and cravings stop. Even when my stomach is full and bloated I still just want to eat all the time. I have never had hunger like this before. Is it because my body is trying to heal from inflammation, lacking nutrients, or something else? 

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Try reducing the carbs, upping the healthy fats and proteins. The sugar load from the carbs might be throwing your body out of whack with your sugar blance. I find turning to almonds, coconut, etc. seems to help. Thought I get random cravings for fruit myself, which I can not have.

Fiber intake might help a bit, try snacking on stuff like whole pumpkin seeds (shell on), whole hemp seeds(shell on), using coconut flour in eggs beaten in and in other dishes to add some fiber and fats.

Another alternative to feeling full, there is a company that makes zero carb noodles and rice called miracle noodles, they are made of konjac flour that helps you feel really full. I find using a bit in meals helps, Pretty much the only rice and noodles I can eat now days anyway. >.> You can even mix them with eggs and fry them into ramen buns for burgers, Or Blend them into almond milk with nut butters and coconut flour to make a porridge.

Going to admit I did a little experiment recently, on suggestion I got a glucose monitor and watched how my sugars spiked and how it con-sides with cravings. Found adjusting to a keto diet of just fats and protein and no to little net carbs got rid of all my bloating after a week. There is a flu like stage, a odd feeling craving stage, then a unlimited energy I feel like god stage with a few random quirks I am still adjusting too,

A multivitaamiin should help with any cravings related to nutrient issues. BTW what are you craving? certain cravings are linked to some foods oddly enough. My sweets cravings is a potassium issue, where I just need to eat more dark greens, mushrooms and coconut.

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Enzyme issues with digesting some foods I have to take Pancreatic Enzymes Since mine does not work right, additional food prep steps also
Low Tolerance for sugars and carbs (Glucose spikes and UC Flares)
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Yep, I would listen to your body.  You are in the process of healing.  Since it is hard to determine exactly what your body is seeking (in terms of nutritients), focus on a well-rounded diet and give it time (few months).  Eat until you are full and don't stuff yourself as even non-celiacs experience bloating after a huge holiday meal!   Go easy on the rice, potatoes and beans as those can contribute to gas.  Most celiacs can not release the enzymes to digest complex carbs.  Consider an enzyme supplement or just reduce those gassy/fermenting foods for a while.  

Already you have seen some improvement.  Now, the hard part is to be patient!  ?

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Is normal to be gaining a lot of weight even if I am eating very healthy (very little packaged/processed foods)? Is it because my body is absorbing more now? I not eating anymore than i used to. 

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