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Mermaid's Mom

Sharing to help those with Iron deficiency!

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About 6 months ago we learned that my daughter is Iron deficient.  She has eating issues and is not inclined to eat iron rich foods.  We used a liquid iron supplement which tasted AWFUL and she struggled to drink some days.  FINALLY we found the lucky iron fish!  It is a cast iron fish and you can cook with and increase your iron more naturally.  The recommended way to use it (which is the way that we use it) is to boil 1L of water with 3 drops of lemon for 10 minutes.  Let the water cool and then drink throughout the day.  This water provides a person with 70% (I think?) of their daily iron requirements.  http://www.luckyironfish.com/our-story

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1 hour ago, Jmg said:

That's a cute way of upping her iron intake :) 

You can get a similar affect by cooking with cast iron pots: http://universityhealthnews.com/daily/energy/use-cast-iron-cookware-as-an-iron-deficiency-treatment/  so you could look for a couple of those if the fish ever swims off :P


Initially I bought the cast iron pans but research says that once they get "seasoned" they are sealed and the iron doesn't leech into the food the same way.

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