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Aaahhhhh ? Problems With Dairy

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Dark chocolate is packed full of anti-oxidants and healthy minerals. Researchers are now considering it to be a "superfood", like spinach or salmon. BUT, if you eat it with dairy products, the dairy completely blocks the anti-oxidants and healthy effects of the cocao. Something to think about.

I try to avoid dairy, but I have been caving lately. It's so stupid of me--when I eat dairy, my nose runs so much my coworkers ask if I have a cold. Who knows what it's doing to the rest of my body. When I'm not cheating by eating cheese, though, I stay dairy-free by having almond milk on my cereal in the morning. I think it's richer than rice milk, and it has more nutrients. I used to be a big latte person, too, but now I buy high-quality coffee and put it in a french press, and it is soooooo good! I found that I was using milk to mask the bitterness of poor-quality coffees.

Hope these hints help you! Stay strong, and don't cheat like me! :P

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