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Hi all my names luke and am new to the site I'm loving all the info . I was diagnosed with celiac disease about two months ago as well as having gastritis , I have been gluten free since diagnosis including no dairy soy or corn but am still having loose watery stools but not in a urgent manner I pretty much go twice a day at the same time  do you guys think this part of my recovery or something in my diet any help would be much appreciated 

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Welcome Luke!  

It does take time for most of us to heal and two months in is such a short amount of time.  There is a steep learning curve to the Gluten free diet.  Try reading our Newbie 101 tips under the forum's "Coping" section.  I would recommend a Whole Foods diet as many processed gluten-free foods might have ingredients that do not agree with you (at least until you see significant improvement).  Avoid going out to eat until you are feeling better (cross contamination). 

I wish you well!  

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