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Celiac Symptoms / Blood Test

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I've been suspecting that I am Celiac for a while. I got a blood test about 2 years ago and it didn't confirm it and I got another today (waiting on results). I have heard that the blood test is not enough though, that I need the endoscopy...

anyways, my symptoms/suspicions are as follows:

My father was Celiac 

I have persistent anxiety/panic attacks/sleeplessness/occasional depressive episodes

Feet/hands are super cold all the time, pins & needles all the time...

Fatigue, headaches and brain fog very often

Very frequent constipation and occasional bloating concentrated in the stomach

Very infrequent periods, sometimes will go without for months on end...


Should I wait for the blood results to get an endoscopy or should I do it either way?

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It might be prudent to make sure you had the complete celiac blood test panel instead of just the screening TTG:


Autoimmune disorder symptoms can overlap, so trying to make a diagnosis based your your symptoms is not possible.

You might be right about asking for an endoscopy.  It is a decision that only you and your doctor can make.  Keep us posted.  ?

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