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The brain: Gluten, Dairy, and corn.

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Here is some information that people might find helpful in relationship between brain health and food.  

Milk intolerance is a common problem with celiac disease. This could be because wheat damages the intestine which makes it harder to digest milk. If a milk sensitivity is merely and intolerance it probably isn't a big deal.  If milk is triggering an immune system response on the other hand this is a lot more serious. I think that it is likely that a lot of what is considered lactose intolerance is actually an immune system response to milk. 

Some people also need to remove a long list of other foods before they feel better. I think each person is different in this regard.

Here is some technical papers that people might find helpful about cross reactivity:

Gluten and other foods:


Critique of the above study:


Corn and gluten:


Dairy and the brain:


Dairy and gluten and age:


I am also curious what other foods people are sensitive to and if they get the same type of reaction that they get from eating wheat. 



I take glutamine powder and theanine for my IBS. (See the posts on my profile for more information.)

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Here are some links I found which may be useful for people trying to treat a mental disorder with diet.  Celiac is causes by IGA antibodies. Other antibodies to other foods may also be a problem though for some people. The AIP diet is a more restrictive diet that removes a lot of commonly problematic foods for a few months. 

Digestive problems are strongly linked to anxiety disorders. 


Milk and Celiac


A dairy free, grain free, whole foods only diet helped some people with reflexive celiac disease. This could be because of  issues with cross contamination or because other foods are also causing problems.


IGG antibodies to food cause headaches:


The AIP diet works for IBS.








I take glutamine powder and theanine for my IBS. (See the posts on my profile for more information.)

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