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Gluten-free Anti-malarial meds

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Hello everyone,

My family and I will be traveling to Africa. We've traveled to other countries before, but never one where we'd have to take anti-malarial medicine. I called my local pharmacist to talk about my options. In addition to issues with gluten, dairy, soy, and egg, I take daily medication for epilepsy and depression. He gave the suggestions Malarone and Hydroxychlorin. After doing further research myself, it seems that Malarone has gluten. I have to look more into Hydroxychlorin, but I seem to remember reading that it may interact with my epilepsy medicine.

Has anyone ever traveled and had to take an anti-malarial. If so, can you please share which one? Along the same lines, were there any specific vaccines recommended to you for traveling to that part of the world?

Thank you for your help!

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Very very few medications actually contain gluten.  The company that makes the med told you they have wheat starch in them?  Many companies will give you some legal talk about " no gluten ingredients, but can't guarantee, etc".  

If it is made by different companies, maybe you can get better info from another brand

Have you spoken to a doctor about these medications and your current ones?  

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