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Gluten sensitivity?

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Hi you guys. 

I came to this website almost 2 years ago. I had so many crazy symptoms and wondered if I had a gluten sensitivity since my Celiac blood test came back negative. Well, slowly most of my symptoms resolved. Then they found I had Epsteins Barr virus which had been reactivated. And was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Well about 3 months ago, I started eating gluten again. (I know dumb on my part). I guess I started wondering if maybe I was really sensitive to it to begin with. While on gluten 2 years ago I had panic attacks, anxiety, depression, huge bm's (sorry if tmi), I was starting to have urinary incontinence (I was 25!! No kids!!!), shallow breathing, body aches, body tingling and burning, I had insomnia, nausea, dizziness, and hot flashes and well SEVERE fatigue. I'm sure I'm missing some but that's what I can remember.

Well, 3 months ago I started eating gluten and slowly I started getting that shallow breathing again, increased anxiety, and then in March I started with the panic attacks and the increased bm's and insomnia.  So in March I stopped eating gluten. I felt better and could sleep fine. Fast forward to two weeks ago, I decided to switch to a plant based diet. Welllll I bought pre cooked beans from Whole Foods and also corn tortillas. 2 Sundays ago I felt off. I started feeling weirdly dizzy. Then last Friday I felt very fatigued and faint. I used to feel faint while eating gluten but haven't felt this way in a longggg time. While feeling faint I felt the need to go to the bathroom. So I'm not sure if that was a panic attack or what that was. Well since then I'm having non stop sweating, nausea, body aches, insomnia and this wired feeling I used to have when I ate gluten before. Well I read the labels on the beans. BOOM they say they are processed in the same facility as wheat. Then I read the corn tortillas SAME THING. Could this be from cross contamination that I feel this way? Or could this be something else? I'm so sorry this was so long. I'm feeling desperate. 

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I am sorry that you are not feeling well.  It could be cross contamination.  Hard to say.  I avoid grains because I have diabetes (carb really spike me and I might as well have some ice cream), but I feel good about purchasing corn tortillas for my family (marked gluten free) and I do indulge every once-in-a-while.   It might be made in a shared giant factory in Texas, but the lines are never shared.   Beans?  I make my own.  I wash and sort prior to soaking.  Amazing what you can find....wheat, stones, unidentified stuff, etc!  I freeze in small batches.  

You might just be reacting to corn too.  Developed a intolerance along the way.  

I hope you feel better soon.  Sounds like gluten is not for you!  

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Thanks so much for your response! I actually remember you last time I was on this site! 

Also because you have diabetes... could this also be reactive hypoglycemia? Can gluten intolerance cause reactive hypoglycemia? I'm starting to think maybe this is also a problem bc I'm feeling terrible all day. And so sweaty. 

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