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Ok I had an upper gi  2 weeks ago they were looking for an ulcer but my biopsy can back showing malabsorption. Villous widening and blunting combined with increased t lymphocytes.  Suggestive of celiac disease. They ran labs but all were normal. So my question to all of you is would you trust labs or biopsy and do I really have celiac disease?  Why can I not seem to get a straight answer?

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It's difficult because there seems to be so much variation even within celiac as to how it presents, both in intestines and blood results. It's one you need to follow up with your doctors because although it could well be celiac there are other potential causes:


Did you have a full celiac blood test panel ran? May be worth posting that in case they didn't run one or other of the tests. Some people test negative on one marker and positive on another!


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I agree with JMG!   There are other things that can cause villi blunting other than celiac disease.  


But did your doctor order a complete celiac panel or just the standard screening TTG?  EMA and DGP tests should be ordered,  if not.  I personally test positive only to the DGP IgA.  Keep in mind that some celiacs do test negative to ALL celiac blood tests.  In that case, a trial run of the gluten free diet (six months) should solidify your diagnosis.  

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