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My son has eaten airhead candy in the past and not shown any outward signs of being glutened (he's three so we can't always discern if he's been glutened). They are labeled as gluten free so I thought they were safe, but I just noticed the label says they are processed in a facility with wheat. We are very careful with his diet and steer clear of any questionable things such as things processed where there can be cross contamination. Any advice/experience on airheads?

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Shared facility is not the same as shared equipment.  Sometimes a shared  facility is actually another building on a larger " campus".  If they state gluten-free, maybe ask them  about what testing they do?  I don't usually worried about shared facility in a company that claims gluten-free in the US.  If it's not gluten-free, they can be in BIG trouble.


maybe check the website? It's an allergy thing, not a Celiac thing. http://airheads.com/faq






Why does my pack say gluten free but made in a facility that processes wheat flour?

We know gluten free statements can be a little confusing.  The FDA has established a threshold of 20ppm of gluten for a gluten free food.  Foods below that level are safe for folks with Celiac disease to enjoy.  Our Airheads product does not contain any wheat ingredients and we have tested them to make sure they are below that 20ppm threshold.  The allergy advisory labeling is present on the package because of other products made in the building that contain wheat ingredients.  The FDA has not established thresholds for allergens. 


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kareng, thank you! You have made one little guy (and his brothers) very happy. We don't allow anything in question in the house and mama bear (me) was going to trash the candy. :)

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