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Feel full faster?

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I seem to have all kinds of questions lately! Did anyone notice that after going gluten free and healing for a few months that you got full faster when you ate? Before I was diagnosed I could eat like a horse. I joked that I could keep up with a linebacker. I was also always battling my weight. When I gave up gluten the weight just slowly fell off and I'm down 17 lbs since November. I weigh 141 and I'm 5'5 (female). I notice that I get full faster. I still snack throughout the day but at a meal I feel full sooner than I did before and if I eat too much I feel like a stuffed sausage. Not comfortable. 

I wonder if it has to do with my body being satisfied now, and not hanging onto every calorie in order to maintain nutrition. I just don't need 4 tacos anymore! 

Just thought it was interesting :) 

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