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Diarrhea after exposure - how long?

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So I've had my first experience with being glutened after nearly 7 weeks being gluten-free (I was always constipated before, so this is new to me).  I am 48 hours with diarrhea.  I am concerned not only for my health, but also because I have major surgery scheduled on Thursday.  Luckily I don't seem to be dehydrated, but it is all water at this point (sorry if that is TMI, I figure that is pretty typical for concersationaround here).

So my question for you is: how long does diarrhea last for you if that is one on your glutened symptoms? 

I am told no supplements or medications, so I'm not sure there is anything I can take to hurry this along? 

Thanks so much!

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We normally suggest Imodium for this, but as your not allowed to due to the surgery I am unsure. Perhaps call your doctor/surgeon, and see if you can take it. They might say ok as more of a concern you do not have other issues from the the constant D leading to anemia, dehydration, and being deprived of nutrients.   My only other thoughts are perhaps a bit more fiber, and I know iron rich foods like protein powders/protein shakes can cause firmer stools. Mint tea, Anise (the spice green color, NOT star anise), dandelion tea can all help with the gas, and bloat.

It normally last as long as you body thinks it needs to purge out everything,  My D issues normally last just a 4-6 hours time frame but mine is always followed by a week of constipation. EVERYONE is different, in what and how long symptoms last.

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Thank you.  That makes sense.  

I did send him a message this morning - I'm hoping I get a response today, but have my doubts with it being Sunday.  I do agree, I would think the Imodium would be more beneficial at this point.

I am going to do more fiber and protein until I hear back.  Thank you again.

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A little update:  Feeling much better.  A little crampy still, but I have been D free most of the day.  I snacked on canned pumpkin, white sweet potatoes, and bananas all day.  I was a bit hesitant with the bananas (they normally make me go), but they helped.

Doctor has yet to get back to me, so I have no idea what he'll say about my surgery plans.  Hopefully we're still good to go.

Thanks again!


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Glad you are improving!  

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