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Unknown source of gluten

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25 minutes ago, Chrismark said:

I had been gluten free for several years, and had headaches, dry eyes, and dry scalp.  I found that the supplements that I was taking were not being absorbed by my body.  Less than 50 % was being absorbed.  The amount of the vitamins that was not being absorbed was going into my liver.  When that happens, insufficient water went into my head, causing the side effects.  I started using supplements made by a company that specializes in over 90% absorption.  After I started on these vitamins the headaches and my dry eyes improved greatly.  I don't know if this is your problem, but it might be worth checking out.

"Insufficient water went into my head"?  



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Thanks, Chrismark! I have bad dry eyes which not even the gel drops help. They're always red no matter how many eye drops I use a day. What brand of vitamins do you use? I've been taking Nature's Bounty b complex and have avoided the eczema and canker sore after my last glutening. But if I could help these dry eyes....

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45 minutes ago, Chrismark said:

All I can say is that is what happened to me.  If you don't have dry eyes or dry mouth, then maybe that isn't your problem

Are you saying that a doctor told you that your vitamins went and clogged your liver and so no water could flow to your head and that's causes dry eyes and dry mouth?  I don't think it works that way?  


If you have Undiagnosed Celiac, or just dxed and starting the gluten-free diet, your intestines are damaged,  you may not  be able to absorb all of your vitamins.  If the vitamins cannot get into the blood stream, they aren't going to the liver....they are being excreted by poop or pee.  Special vitamins won't be absorbed either.  As the intestines heal, most " vitamins/ minerals" will be absorbed for most people.  There are a few exceptions, but you haven't mentioned those illnesses.  

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Hi, again.  My dry eyes have improved since I got my vitamin D level up in the 80's.  Here's a recent study showing vitamin D deficiency is linked to dry eyes.


And another study found vitamin deficiencies in people on a gluten free diet for many years.  


Sometimes nutritional supplementation is needed when there's a deficiency, malabsorption, and also as we age.  

Hope this helps.


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