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DH - pretty sure I have celiac

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Well, I am not new. I lurk a lot and have posted in the past. I have known for years that I have a gluten sensitivity. But now I'm pretty sure it's celiac. 

I have had DH for the past few days. Hands, ankles, and knees have the hallmark blisters of DH. And, my GOD, they are itchy!

But what is really weird is how quickly we forget. When the bumps came up I instantly recognized them. I had had them before - years ago, long before I even know about gluten - and never really thought much of them. I guess I just thought, back then, that they were bites or something. But now I know I have seen them before. I've had these blisters on occasion since my teen years. And I am 45 now so that is a LONG time to not notice or make a correlation. The problem is that I haven't had them in probably ten years and I have only been Gluten-aware for about four years.

So, now I realize the need to be VERY careful from here on out. Lesson learned. Learned the hard way, but ultimately learned.



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