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how best to phrase inquiries

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What is the best way to phrase an email to a company, when trying to investigate whether or not their product(s) is safe for a super sensitive to consume? here's an example of an email correspondence that turned out favorably: 

Thank you for contacting MillerCoors. We appreciate your interest in our products.

Crispin Brown's Lane Cider is brewed and filled with equipment dedicated to only Crispin products. In order for Crispin to be certified as gluten free it has to pass standards set by the Gluten Intolerance Group, this includes gluten free ingredients and elimination of cross contamination. We hope you found this information helpful.

Thanks again for contacting MillerCoors.


MillerCoors Consumer Affairs Department
Ref: Case#N22302690


hi, i am a super-sensitive celiac and am wondering about any possible trace gluten being present in your products, the brownslane classic dry cider in particular. is this made in a dedicated gluten-free facility or at least gluten-free equipment? also are their any additives/fining agents or anything used in the brewing process that could contain gluten? and lastly, what gluten-free certification organization do y'all use and what ppm level do you test down to?


here's another one that i just sent out:

hi, I'm a super-sensitive celiac and am wondering about your organic seaweed and organic chips. are they made in a gluten-free facility? was any of your equipment bought used from companies who make gluten products? are your ingredients sourced from gluten free growers/facilities? sorry to be a hassle, i just like to be extra cautious when it comes to any processed food, because i react to levels well below 10 ppm of gluten.

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

11 minutes ago, keezyfresh said:

what do y'all think? any suggestions? am i missing anything?

It's good but this will arrive in the inbox of a  doubtless overworked customer service operative. Their first impulse will be to send you a standard generic boilerplate text copied and pasted from the website.Your objective is to get the best most comprehensive possible answer. Ideally by getting them to reach out to the production staff. So my suggestion would be to show them that you've done the work already and checked their site for info and that you require further info than the standard blurb:

I checked your website FAQ and note your committment to excellence etc etc. I appreciate the information provided. However due to my condition it would be helpful to have answers to the following questions, are they made in a gluten-free facility?

I wouldn't include this: 

was any of your equipment bought used from companies who make gluten products?

as if they're claiming a gluten free facility it wouldn't be relevant. The main point would be was it cleaned and now used for gluten-free which goes back to the first question. I very much doubt they'd start telling you the history of their plant machinery in any case!

Hope this of help :)




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