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follow up and Endoscopic ultra sound

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Hello!!  I have been gluten free since 2011 and today I went to my gastro, who did not see me in 2011, with my original Prometheus paper work which has high DGP's on them.  Previously he brushed my verbalizations off that I had it and could not find the test in the mound of transfer papers so I presented the hard copy today.  So I officially have a doctor that supports my gluten-free diet, diagnosis and now is taking my upper abdominal pains more seriously now.  My question is:  Has anyone had a EUC - endoscopic ultra sound?  I know a ERCP has risks but not sure about EUC.  He wants to look closer at my bile ducts and pancreas.  I had pancreatitis several years ago and they took my gallbladder out although there is no notes of stones.  I have been having on and off pain, nausea and bloating since October.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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I had an EUS.  I honestly remember the doctor jabbing the tube in when it got stuck and feeling a little strange during that part of the procedure and raising my hand and them telling me not to. I had a lot of nausea afterwards but that was just from the meds. 

To the best of my knowledge it doesn't carry the extreme risks that an ERCP can. 

Good luck!

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