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Celiac disease / anemia / trombocythopenia / neutropenia

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Hi, I live in Ukraine. All of a sudden my 9-years old son was diagnosed with celiac disease. In December 2016, we have done blood tests and everything was ok. At the end of February 2017 he became ill, the body temperature was up to 40°C for several days. But the disease has gone. In April, some hematomas began to appear on son’s skin. At the end of May 2017, the blood test has reveled thrombocytopenia and anemia, PLT count fell to 7000. No bleeding was observed and hematomas appeared after physical impact only. I have celiac disease too, so I have done tests on endomysium IgA and transglutaminasa IgA. The results were far beyond normal  (> 10 times higher than the norm). We have omitted endoscopy because of thrombocytopenia. The latest blood test (venous blood test after two weeks of GFD) has shown the following results: thrombocyte 11000 (+3000 in three days), RBC 2.29, WBC 3.90, hemoglobulin 71 g/l, MCV 90.6 fl, RDW 20.1%, MCHC 339 g/l - 30,7 pg, neutrophiles 0,27 g/l, lymphocyte 3,39 g/l - 87%, monocyte 0,16 g/l - 4%, eosinocyte 0.04 g/l - 1%, basocyte 0/0, metamyelocyte 0/0, myelocyte 0/0, virocyte 0/0, ESR 35 mm/h.
Now we’re keeping to a strict GFD with vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, iron supplements , copper and vitamin K. The boy shows vitality (some weakness/tiredness is observed, but it’s not severe), no bleedings, no vomitting or nausea, no bone- or headache. Please share your experience if you have the same or similar set of celiac disease symptoms.

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The thrombocytopenia may not be related to the celiac disease. Our 34 year old adopted daughter has had thrombocytopenia since her teenage years. Initially it was thought to be either from aplastic anemia or myelodysplastic syndrome but in actuality the bone marrow cellular studies don't quite fit either of those. So it seems to be idiopathic in nature and has not progressed. She is not a celiac, at least that we know of. Her platelets hover around 40k. I certainly would seek a bone marrow biopsy if I were you.

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