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New allergies to food

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Hello I need help I just found out that I'm allergic to 19 main foods 

Beef,chicken,pork,cod,chocolate, soy,wheat,rye,eggs,dairy,corn,potatoes tomatoes ,oranges,mango, I have no clue how or what eat I need help 

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How were these allergies determined? There are some very not reliable methods of testing for food allergies. If you think you may have celiac then it would be a good idea to go to your GP and ask for a full Celiac panel before you drop wheat and gluten foods. If you do have celiac that can cause the immune system to go into what my MD allergist called 'hyperdrive'. He tested me for 99 substances with skin prick testing and the only thing that wasn't positive was beech trees. He didn't test for food allergies as he said that testing was unreliable and had me do a very strict, doctor guided elimination diet. I reacted strongly to wheat and then he referred me to a GI who confimed celiac. Within a few months gluten free I only had 2 out of those 98 that were true allegies.

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