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Gluten-free bread at Le Pain Quotidien

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Hey all!

I just at the avocado toast at Le Pain Quotidien with their gluten free bread. Since it wasn't made in a gluten free facility I shouldn't have eaten it but options were limited and I was on vacation. However, I noticed that one of the first ingredients are oats and they don't specify if they're gluten-free oats. I haven't been able to find any information online about whether they are gluten-free or regular oats. Does anyone know? 

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Interesting.  I didn't know this about the oats.  I will say that you have to be very specific with each PQ  in asking how they handle their gluten-free bread. And ask each time even at the same restaurant, as different staff may be there.  I find that they vary in whether they cut them on separate, clean surfaces and with separate knives, etc. That said, where I've asked and decided to have the bread, I've had no problems.  Now I'm going to try and find out about the oats, though.

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