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Did my doctor order the right tests?

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I went to my doctor and asked to be screened for celiac disease, and he ordered they following tests;

B12/Folate, Rheumatoid Factor, CRP, Glucose (Fasting), FBE, Fe studies, E/LFTs, TSH, lipids incl HDL, HbA1C, U+E+ M+C, urine M+C, cardiac enzymes. He also wrote Celiac antibodies and Helicobacter.

Are these the correct tests?

I was expecting to see tTG-IgA and total Iga, I'm a little confused...

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He ordered celiac antibodies........ it depends on the lab. some labs do the whole celiac array & some don't. Was your blood taken at the docs office or do you have to go to a lab & get it taken? If you have to go to a lab, then ask them what specific celiac antibodies they are going to run. If your blood was already taken at the docs office, then call the office & ask.

He is checking for B12 & folate levels which would be something to check for in celiac. He's checking iron too -- that's the Fe studies. Checking your thyroid stimulating hormone which thyroid problems are a common feature of celiac, helicobacter is checking for ulcers. 

I'm not a doc so I can't read all of what he's looking for but I could glean those items.

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