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Awol cast iron stomach

Former life cookbooks? Donate or salvageable?

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So finally able to move those joints again (10 months !!! Sigh), kids off to school, time to do final purge of the possible contaminated items . Most are gone but venturing to basement for donation to food banks, any missed items, brings me to cookbooks.

Did you all pitch your pre diagnosis cook books due to possible cc from flour? I was not much a baker ( hmm subconcious knowledge proir?) However at thanksgiving I use to make pies so that joy of cooking book may be zombified? 

Does it go to donate pile? Are my exercise books stored in same box ok if I wipe over covers since they never saw a kitchen? No peanut gallery comments yes the exercise book in box joints said only walking and occasional biking for past 10 months :)

Respond to the fate of the books ?


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I am keeping all mine, and I buy more all the time!   I never was much of a cook.  We mostly ate out or made a few simple dishes.  After my diagnosis, I ended up learning to cook, and now enjoy it. 

The principles of cooking remain the same, it's just the ingredients have changed.   I bought a Ninja Cooking System, which seemed to allow me as a novice to create fool-proof meals.  I bought a couple books on casseroles, and use the recipes (with gluten-free substitutions).   If I make something that would go on pasta, I simply make that and fix two batches of pasta. 

You may not want to keep any baking books, as most of those recipes don't convert easily ... it just depends on whether or not they contain useful info. 

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