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4 hours ago, Ennis_TX said:

I have something I want you to try, while sitting down in a chair lean forward just slightly and arch your back a bit, and if you can reach back using your middle knuckles press on your lower back on each side of the spine  and roll down to below your waist line pressing with decent pressure. Then work out along the sides of the waist line to the upper glutes working on the connection points. Do you get a ticklish painful felling and feel stuff like crystals breaking up, or knots rolling around with you go over that line? I get these if I do not get a massage a few times a month, I am unsure what they are, but seems my muscles knot up with stress, and I get these odd "crunchies" that form on the connecting points and in the muscle tissue. I have left mine alone for over a month due to lack of funds, I noticed the past few days my back is hurting at the end of the day and has more limited mobility. Upon working out some of those crunchies while it feels bruised now I have some mobility back. I think I am going to have it give in and see about working out a deal with my massage therapist on fixing mine this week.

You are a lot more flexible than I am! But I don't think I have the same issue as you, as I do have my dh massage my lower back for 5-10 minutes every night which helps a bunch. The lower back feels more like its super bruised and the massage is a good painful if he eases into it. No crunchier. I got the idea from you saying how good your massage therapist was and I joked saying I wish I would have married one.

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