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Any quick tips for an American who must eat gluten-free and have no garlic?  I will traveling with my husband in Tokyo and Kyoto the end of the week for a week.  I have some translated questions ready, but if anyone has been there recently and can recommend some places or ideas or quick tips, it would be most appreciated.  Would just like to be able to get some plain grilled lean protein and some steamed veggies or plain salads (no dressing)...Thanks so much for any thoughts!

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There are a number of places but hard ot find and they dont speak any english at least in Tokyo.

Bring your own soy sauce or braggs aminos. You can find gluten free soy sauce in Japan but there are no  english labels.  You can eat yakitori but have to explain to them only shio -- salt 

ko-mugi alerge (wheat allergy)  and some  will understand. 

For veggies I would go to Uohayaku in jimbocho 

https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1066443-d3784115-Reviews-Uohyaku-Chiyoda_Tokyo_Tokyo_Prefecture_Kanto.html -- I wrote  this and really liek the place. was there  4 times last month.  The owner is Mr nakatani and if you can explain to him you have  onaji byoki ken in hawaii he should get it.  means you have the same sickness as I do ( celiac)

there are also restaurant cards you can down load someplace  in japanese that   you can print and carry with you.

many indian restaurants all over the place too. steamed  veggies are rare but sometimes you can get them in  chinese places or the hotel. salad with no sauce is doable in many places but the salads are different and often better with daiko radish and  gobo. no shoyu  or shoyu allergy is what you'll have to explain. Usually in Iakaya type restaurants there are  many small dishes  but uohyaku has fresh cucumbers, tomatos and eggplants. 

Youhave to be careful of rice balls, onigiri in  family mart and 7-11 places  as they often contain wheat. no fish cake or kameboko too.  many know the word gluten and allergy -- but pronounciation is different gruten or ko-mugi allerge might get many to understand.

if you've never been there is an amazing place.  Ive been going back and forth for  35 years and still love it.  sorry i wont be there till november to help.

depending on the hotel and area your in i might be able to tell you about some other places 

good luck


"Ryo tatereba mi ga tatanu"

If we try to serve both sides, we cannot stand our own ground.

Japanese proverb

Celiac.com - Celiac Disease Board Moderator

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