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Prebiotics, Probiotics

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Does anyone take Prebiotics and or Probiotics, Garden of Life, or Country Life, had what benefit or not are they...... 

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Try reading this from the University of Chicago regarding probiotics:


Basically, they can be good for the colon when you have issues with IBD (Ulcerative Colitis) or IBS.   For celiac disease?  Well, there are not many forms of bacteria in the small intestine.  Folks with SIBO actually take antibiotics to kill off the excess bacteria they may have in their small intestine.  Unless you have an issue with something besides celiac disease, you might want to skip probiotics. Focus on eating a varied diet which includes fermented foods.  

Personally, I only take them after a course of broad spectrum antibiotics.  I look for a certified gluten-free version for piece of mind.  

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