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So has anyone looked at their profile recently? There's a new tab for Clubs! I want to join a club! Anyone know what clubs are and how we get in on the action?

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2 hours ago, Victoria1234 said:

Or a hurricane club. Irma is coming straight at me! 

Perhaps a better approach. as many of us have to live in a gluten-free house and environment, would it not be great if some of us offered up say a "SAFE" guest room to other members traveling?  I mean think about it a club on here where we say the area we live in, the attractions around it, and our accommodations and lack of certain allergens/food issues in the house?   Scariest thing for travel for me is not knowing if I can live without getting sick by something in the environment. Wonder what we would call it...gluten free safe house listings? lol I could support 1 person maybe 2. My sanity and stress would be pushed to the limits with more then that and if more then 4-5 days. But yes a Air BNB like club for celiacs.

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45 minutes ago, admin said:

I wish I knew...;) Never done it...but try going here:


and click the "Start a Club Link"

I think they need moderator approval...just to prevent spammers...


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