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ready food

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Hi I'm a newbie

please help me to get info, are these food gluten free?

1. nutella

2. skippy peanut butter

3. soy sauce containing only black soy bean, salt, sugar, and water

4. maple syrup

5. fresh minced beef


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Here is a link to our Newbie 101 thread that you might find useful.  

I can only comment on those foods that I have in my home or have purchased.

1.  Nutella is and it states it in the label.

2.  Skippy PB is gluten-free (not stated, but ingrediants are).

3.  Soy sauce.  It should state it on the label as gluten free or do not eat it.   Most soy sauce is NOT gluten free as it contains wheat.  

4.  Maple syrup is gluten-free if it is pure (only one ingrediant).  Otherwise read the ingredients.

5.  Fresh minced meat should be gluten-free if you prepared and cross contamination did not occur in your kitchen (e.g. Pot, cutting board, etc.).  Not sure if this is a canned product.

Bottom line is that you have to read labels carefully.  In the beginning it is best to eat fresh foo you prepared.  The. Add in processed food as you learn to read labels and determine if you have other intolerances to foods other than gluten (very common for celiacs or NCGI).  

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^Newbie 101 section PS you are diagnosed celiac right? Sorry but a standard question as you should get the diagnosis out of the way before going gluten-free.

^ Have a nice list of food alternatives, including condiments. NOTE we suggest a whole foods only diet starting off to boost healing. Also we suggest dropping anything with oats or dairy for the first few months. Oats some celiacs react to regardless of gluten-free or not, Dairy is broken down by enzymes produced by the tips of your villi, if your celiac these are normally damaged and cause digestion issues or intolerance to dairy.

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