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Visiting NYC and also fast food meals ideas

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In a couple of weeks I will be driving to NYC to visit The Gluten Free Expo in New Jersey and to celebrate my 50th birthday. I have never been to NYC and would love to hear about great places to eat with 4 teens. Two of my sons have peanut and nut allergies and my daughter has been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Also, I am Canadian and I am not familiar with what we can even eat on the long road trip as far as fast food goes. In Canada, we can eat fries from McDonalds and baked potatos at Wendys...any quick snack/meals ideas from fast food places would also be very helpful


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This website is invaluable when traveling.  There are places to eat listed by city, with reviews from Celiac's.  I use it every time I travel.  The nut allergies may be more problematic but finding safe places to eat in NYC for a Celiac is relatively easy.

The following e-mail was sent to me by a former forum member who lived in NY for years.  I have not been to any yet but plan on doing so next year.  Hope this helps!

Tulu’s Bakery on 11th St and 1st Ave. Best gluten-free cupcakes anywhere.

Pala Pizza off Houston downtown. By far the best gluten-free pizza in the world and I do mean world. People travel internationally to get it. Puts all other Pizza to shame. Roman style, not American style.

Chinese: Lilli and Loo 61st and Lex. Chic modern chinese in midtown with extensive gluten-free menu. You can get fried general tso just like you used to have.

Regular pizza: Mozzarelli’s on 23rd and Madison. They sell 6 different kinds of gluten-free by the slice which is highly unusual. Even one dairy free too. It’s much busier during the weekday, that’s when I would go, many more options than a weekend. They have lots of desserts too.

Fancy Italian: Bistango on 29th and 3rd. Very popular with the gluten-free crowd, great menu and great food. My wife and I go here often.

Lunch place: Friedman’s lunch in Chelsea Market. Very first restaurant I went to after going gluten-free. Nice owners.

S’Mac: A mac and cheese place that has gluten-free pasta and gluten-free corn flake topping. Create your own mac, trendy, counter service kind of place. Around the corner from Tulu’s on 12th st.http://www.smacnyc.com/home.html
A recent find: http://www.taimmobile.com/ a Israeli food truck that sells gluten-free felafel and other really yummy middle eastern food. You have to check their website / twitter to see where they are each day.

Places i’ve heard of and been meaning to try:

Glaze Teriyaki Grill, multiple locations. Cheap (for NYC) lunch take out.

Nizza on 9th Ave.

Vic’s bagel bar on 3rd ave. gluten-free bagels with make your own filling.

Places I’d skip:

Babycakes: I thought the cupcakes were horrible.


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17 hours ago, celiacmom774 said:

In Canada, we can eat fries from McDonalds

US they use hydrolyzed wheat protein in the beef flavoring they make the fries with. SO not safe in the US.  Avoid fast food restaurants period. NY has plenty of 100% dedicated gluten free restaurants so you should be fine. Ask around and make sure they are first. On the go I swear by keeping Julian Bakery Bars, MRM Veggie meal replacement shakes. and Miracle Noodle MRE pouches for emergency meals and road trips.

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You've probably already been here (I hope the trip went well) but to have an updated record of places, I'll add to this list (not everything I can think of, but some favorites) -- 

Little Beet - W. 50th street and elsewhere; 100% gluten-free, delicious fresh food.  Mostly busy at lunchtime, but I hear they also have a more dinner-oriented restaurant on Park Avenue South

Pizza'rte - W. 55th Street (near the MOMA) - they have a very good thin crust gluten-free pizza and seem to make it carefully

Dulce Vida Cafe - Lexington between 82nd and 83rd - small Colombian cafe that has Gluten Free empanadas and other dishes, prepared safely -- at least the times I've been.  Sometimes the waitstaff isn't too knowledgeable, so ask for a manager.

Hu Kitchen - There's one on lower 5th Avenue and another on Lex or 3rd near 86th Street -- Paleo cafeteria, and therefore all Gluten Free.  Delicious and lots of choices.

Pappardella - Italian on the Upper West Side - They seem to do a big gluten-free business.  Also have gluten-free garlic bread

Senza Gluten - Italian restaurant in the village - 100% gluten-free, but really good non pasta entrees for your non-celiac friends.

Most burger places are easy choices, and many have dedicated fryers for the fries -- Bareburger and Five Napkin Burger are great chain choices and easy to find.  The Counter is also good.

Beware - Since prior poster mentioned a food truck (which I will try to find), I will say you have to be wary -

There's a green food truck with multiple locations in midtown that has falafel, etc. in pita or in bowls.  They even advertise on the side "Gluten Free options" and something about free of cross -contamination.  That is a lie!  One day I decided to try them, so I ordered and then watched as the food preparer used her gloved hand to open up pitas for others' orders, then use that same gloved hand to reach into the bins to get the veggies, etc.  When I asked if they had separate bins for my veggies I was told no -- so clearly the pita bits that transferred into the veggies from other peoples ' orders would end up in mine.  I had to argue with the owner (?) to get my money back and told him he needed to take that sign off his truck.

But in general, NYC restaurants are very gluten-free aware and helpful.  







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2 hours ago, Gemini said:

Hey Nikki.......thanks so much for this updated list!  Especially the Colombian restaurant because I would kill for a good gluten-free empanada!    ;)

Amusingly empanadas that my family used to get or make were traditionally made with plantains. I think I posted at how to at one point following my grandmas version of a pumpkin empanada.

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