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Questions :)

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I am new to this forum and i have few questions.

First, when i go to school or to an resturant and eat there. What if it comes a very small portion of gluten like dust or something like that,

and i eat that food will i die from it after a while?  I eat in school everyday and once few weeks i eat out at resturants. Should i be worried? 

Second, Is there any people that have lived with this disease for like 80 years +, and still got "Glutened" once a while? 

I am super clean at home, my whole family have this under good control and everything. And i do not cheat. 


I always think that i will die, or get problems with my bones or starve to death. Or even get a poop bag. 

So Should i be worried? 

Btw, sorry for my English. 


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Hi and welcome!

Any time you eat in a restaurant or kitchen that prepares food with gluten, you have to be prepared for cross-contamination.  Every kitchen and every entree is a different situation.  

For example, eating in a kitchen where a lot of flour is used, there is a good chance that flour will get into every dish to some extent.

Restaurants will use the same griddle to cook the grilled cheese and the burgers.

They use the same water to boil the veggies and the pasta.

You can choose meals where there is less of a chance of cross contamination.

You should talk to the people in the kitchen, watch them preparing meals the way they normally do. Watch their habits. If you feel that they understand the issues that celiac presents and are willing to work with you, it might be worth it.

Even a crumb can set off an internal reaction with high antibodies which can last about 2 weeks. If you are getting a bit of cross contamination 5 days a week, eventually you will probably start to feel the effects.  I'm not sure it's doable safely.  Can you take your lunch?

There are restaurants that have separate griddles, gluten free restaurants, or restaurants that almost never cook with gluten which might have safer options. Join your local celiac group and start looking around for options. Talk to the owners/chefs and get to know them. You might be eating there a lot!

Good luck!


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