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If you could correct one misconception about celiac, what would it be?

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Thanks to everyone that's replied :)

I plan to sort through these and bundle them up into a big ball of helpfulness. 

For now, here's mine


'I wish more people were aware that a negative test for celiac doesn't equate to 'gluten is fine for you, eat as much as you want'. That may be the case and in which case tuck in, but for some people it won't be and they risk more illness and unnecessary suffering because the general understanding of NCGS and associated conditions is so poor.'

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22 hours ago, notme! said:

i was at a meeting recently, where they serve dinner, ironically the meeting is at a communitiy room at our local hospital (where the meal is catered by the hospital cafeteria and i do not eat BECAUSE THEY CAN'T DO GLUTEN FREE.  AT A HOSPITAL.)  but i digress....

'oh, my doctor told me i have that, too.  i just can't stop eating bread ha ha ha' as she chomps a bite of dinner roll.   worse?  she's a doctor's wife  :rolleyes:  ya can't fix stupid  ;)

Ahhh Russian roulette autoimmune style.

My money's on celiac winning!

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