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My biopsy showed Villi damage in the small intestine. It was followed up with blood work. My GI was frustrated with me when I started questioning her. She couldn’t even explain the results to me. She just circled positive and left me hanging. Can anybody explain how my results look? Am I definitely positive?

Endomysial Antibody Titer

1:80 titer

transglutamine AB, IGA 

>100 U/mL

Immunoglobulin A 

228 mg/dl




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Hi Joseph-

The anti-transglutaminase IGA (Anti-TTG) is positive.  It's hard to know about the endomysial Antibody without the reference range but usually positive is more than 1:10. So that's probably positive as well.  Along with the endoscopy showing villous blunting, that usually makes the diagnosis of celiac.

Celiac has over 200 symptoms and about 50% of people do not have GI issues at the time of diagnosis. For me, I did not have any abdominal symptoms. I had anemia, heart racing, restless leg symptoms.

As for your doctor, you should get a new one.  Any doctor that can't take 10 min to answer the questions for a patient with a disease that will upend their whole life is not worth it.  

That being said your doctor probably won't be the person to actually help you with the treatment for celiac disease.  The treatment is a lifelong, strict gluten free diet. Read the Newbie 101 section here and find a good dietician that is familiar with celiac.  Search this website for questions you have, making sure to check the date of the posts.  People have probably already asked the questions you have and a lot of great answers are here.  (but some of the answers are outdated)

Ask questions if you have them. This community is here to help support each other.

Good luck!


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I went in for a routine colonoscopy (yep, I am over 50).  My GI reviewed my chart and told me he suspected celiac disease.  If positive, he would scope both ends!  I had no GI symptoms.  I was shocked.  Shocked because I knew exactly what I was getting into.  My hubby had been gluten free for 12 years prior to my diagnosis.  

Grieving is normal.  Rant all you want here — we get it.  Then go about making yourself healthy.  

Two months later, I fracture a few vertebrae doing NOTHING.  Talk about devastation.  A bone scan revealed Osteoporosis.  

Over four years later, I am doing pretty well for an older lady.  I have a few other issues, but I keep on riding my bike and I stay insanely busy.  

I think you will find that if you focus on a very healthy diet of gluten-free non-processed foods in the beginning, not only will will your antibodies decrease, but your EOE issues may resolve as well.  The holidays are coming up, so indulge.  Had I focused on eating better earlier, I think I would have healed much faster.  

Welcome to the club!  

I wanted to add that over time, your allergies and intolerances may calm down (immune system).    Celiac disease is under the umbrella of hypersensitivities (different types).  I think you will find that by treating your celiac disease, your immune system will calm down. It certainly has improved for me.  

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On 10/11/2017 at 7:23 AM, JosephK116 said:

I am. I don’t believe I have it. I don’t get “glutened” symptoms

Hi Joseph,

It would be interesting to find out what you think glutened symptoms are? If you are thinking primarily digestive issues you would be wrong in the majority of cases.

Some of the things I would wrongly have thought weren't gluten  related before I removed it from my diet include back pain, trembling hands,  cold feet, body sweats, nervous tics, anxiety, depression, brain fog, skipped heartbeats, chest pain, spots, greasy skin, dandruff, eyesight issues and lots more. None of which I thought connected, all of which mostly  resolved after the diet change...

There's also such a thing as silent celiac, may be worth googling that one also. 

Best of luck! 

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