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Gluten or dairy...or in my head

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For an entire two YEARS, I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with my gut. I was sure it had to be gallbladder...never was.
Now, I'm wondering about gluten or dairy. Here are the symptoms
low iron levels, anxiety, depression, SUPER foggy on the daily, headaches, cold hands and toes that go numb and tingly, constant state of constipation or diarrhea depending on what I eat, bloating, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, joint pain (and I"m only 39), fluid filled bumpy things that randomly pop up all over my hands, thyroid issues, cramps/diarrhea about 1-2 hours after eating rich pasta and SOME (but not all) brands of pizza. That's the short list of the major things.

So...could this be dairy? Or gluten? How in the world do you determine which one it is...if it's even one of those things. At this point, I question if it's all in my head. I have an appointment with my family doctor tomorrow to talk about possible celiac testing, but I'm feeling REALLY insecure about it. I don't get sick from eating bread or tortillas...bloated, yes...but it's not a disaster like if I would go to Olive Garden!

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Here is more information about celiac testing:


You can not go by symptoms alone because there are over 200 of them that often overlap with other autoimmune disorders or illnesses.  Testing is best before even considering the gluten free diet.  

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Yep blood test, followed by a endoscope where they take biopsies and check for damage. Keep eating gluten daily til the testing is done.

As to your question about dairy, dairy intolerance goes hand in hand with celiac disease. The enzymes to break down dairy are made by the tips of your villi which are damaged or gone. So you end up with a dairy intolerance, that may go away after awhile being gluten free

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