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Flu Shot?

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I have a weird question and I think I know the answer but I always come here with weird questions. I got my flu shot today, and I got my kids their shots too. Tonight my husband asked me if flu shots are gluten free. I never thought to ask the doctor and I assume that they are, but I didn't research it beforehand so I feel like I should ask. It's 11:15 pm so it's obviously too late to call the pharmacy....

**I'm not interested in hearing from people about their opinion about the flu shot, its safety, or effectiveness. I believe in the flu shot and that's a choice I made for my family. I just want to make sure we didn't glutify ourselves today. :) 

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Directly injecting gluten into your blood stream would cause a immune reaction yes -_- We have celiac and our body had a immune response to gluten, the intestines are just the normal route for it to enter our body.

Is it gluten free, yep, I had a worry about this years ago and pulled up inserts after those odd fears and rumors of the junk in vaccines swept then internet. Yeah a fear monger told me it contained wheat oil.....never found that in the ingredient list on the ones I checked. They are gluten free, though I did my research, a few have some iffy things in them like mercury, and formaldehyde in supposed safe levels, but you look around you find ones that less crud in them that look better.

Odd site but they have accurate inserts for vaccines. Look under description for ingredients on most of them.

I know you said your not interested in vaccines info and should be choice, I avoid flu shots myself, and would turn down any additional vaccines. They make me feel like crud and achey normally for weeks. And I have not gotten "Sick" from a virus but only once in the past 5 years.


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Injecting gluten proteins into your bloodstream, would probably clot up and kill you.  Most vaccinations are not put directly into the the blood vessel, but it would still be wrong to put gluten in a shot.   


Also, for a Celiac, the reaction occurs in the small intestine.  Injecting gluten into your skin would probably cause an immune reaction, but not a Celiac autoimmune one.  Injecting foreign substances like gluten or dirt or a vaccine cause an immune reaction - but not a Celiac autoimmune one.  We have immune system reactions all the time to foreign invaders - that is what our system should do. 



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Flu shots, as per my doctor, are safe.  As a rule I never  get them but only because I rarely get the flu.  Think the last time was about 10 years ago.  I am considering it tho this year as I was recently diagnosed with Hemochromatosis (along with the celiac of 8 years).  The dr thought it might be a good idea since my body is already fighting with this new disease.   

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