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Symptoms that might be gluten ingestion-related

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I have a sister who has been diagnosed with the celiac disease. I also had tests done and they were negative. I've had dermatological issues since my early 20s (mid 30s now). At the beginniing of this year, I started having another symptom: phlegm and coughing after eating, need to clear my throat and slight itchiness in the throat - sometimes even a slight shortness of breath. I tried gluten-free and dairy free but didn't seem to improve my symptoms remarkably. I was taking medications to see if it's GERD, they didn't help. I did chest x-ray, which was OK. I'm still curious whether it can be related to gluten any way. Really not sure what to do to find the cause of this coughing and producing of mucus after eating.

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The mucus and phlegm sounds like a allergy or food intolerance. Try keeping a food diary, record everything you eat and how you prepare it, seasonings, sauces, and cooking methods. Then record how you feel and symptoms hours after. Try rotating your diet removing things for a few days and you might find the trigger. Allergies are odd, could be anything from corn/corn starch, cumin, pepper, paprika, tomotes, soy, dairy, etc. Generally the mucus is a defensive mechanism so something your body is taking in is not sitting well with it.

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