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Removing gluten and reintroducing it before endoscopy?

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Hi, I just got the blood test for celiac done and the results came back positive. My mother and aunt both are diagnosed with celiac so it is likely I have it too.

My doctor said the endoscopy will take a while to get (on the order of months) and that I should start a gluten free diet immediately, then go back on gluten for the six weeks prior to test. But I heard that the reaction to gluten was worse for celiacs when they followed a gluten free diet for a while and then reintroduced it. I have a lot of symptoms that are likely caused by celiac, but I've been dealing with them for a year or so, so another few months isn't a huge deal, although of course I would rather avoid them. So if it better if I stay on a gluten diet for the next few months until the endoscopy instead of eliminating gluten and then reintroducing it?

My other question is if I stay on a gluten diet from now until the endoscopy, will consuming less gluten (1 meal a day instead of 3) cause less damage and symptoms? In other words, is the severity of the symptoms and damage dependent on the amount ingested or is it the same no matter how much is ingested if I'm eating it regularly? And if I do reduce the amount, should I increase it again in the six weeks prior to the test?

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Well, you are in a tough spot.    You only need to consume 1 or 2 slices of bread per day for 2 to 4 weeks prior to an endoscopy (University of Chicago).  Damage can occur quickly in the small intestine, but it takes longer to build antibodies found in your bloodstream.  Consider staying on gluten and try to get a cancellation.  Call every few days.  That has worked for many members.  

We all react differently to gluten.  There is no consensus among celiac disease researchers as to EXACTLY how much gluten sets off a celiac-flare-up.  It is hard to gauge the amount of gluten you consume and symptoms as some celiacs are asymptomatic.  

I was just anemic when I was tested (had lots of little symptoms that I now know to be celiac-related).    I waited seven weeks for my endoscopy due to work constraints.  I literally gorged on gluten eating all my favorite foods.  By the end of seven weeks, my GI system was really inflamed.  

Will your result be like mine?  Who knows?  

I hope this helps.  

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