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My pain is not in the adomen it is in the lower back like feels intestine, it is draining it last for a long time like something is trying to pass threw, 

it is not like what I hear most people talk about was just wondering, I was tested for gluten intolerence and did show I have a gluten intolerence.

I am afraid to eat anything,  just trying to understand if this is my systoms and it is like a sharp pain, Thank You Linda  70 years old , in and out of constipation and loose bowels,  

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Hi Linda,

The symptoms and pain different people experience with celiac disease vary widely.  Some people have no symptoms at all.  Pain symptoms can be in various areas.  I wouldn't  say your pain is not "correct" for celiac disease because of this.

The first thing to do is get some blood tests done for celiac disease.  Don't stop eating gluten until all testing is completed, including a possible endoscopy.  The best thing to do is get a complete celiac panel, as some people don't show up on the standard limited tests.

Welcome to the forum! :)

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Are you sure you were tested for a gluten intolerance?  Was it a medical doctor?  Did it include these tests (read link):


If the blood tests were positive (any one of them), you should be referred to a Gastroenterologist who can perform a endoscopy to obtain intestinal biopsies.  If positive, you might want to see a dietitian who specializes celiac disease.  


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