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2017 Holiday Meal line ups

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This year I am tasked with making thanksgiving for me and my diabetic parents. SO we are having Turkey roasted in a turkey bag rubbed with nutiva butter flavored coconut oil (under the skin and over the breast), liquid smoke and poultry seasoning, stuff with half a onion, 2 butts of celery bunches, and half a lemon and topped with bacon to keep it moist and let that flavor sink in. Side will be dressing made with my keto bread seasoned with poultry seasoning, with coconut milk chicken stock, minced and sauteed onion and celery, 2 tbsp ground flax and a egg white.  Also going to make an new dinner roll recipe (soon to be posted) that is chewy, buttery, nutty flavored, homemade gravy made with the drippings, trimmings, bacon, and fixing from the turkey fresh rosemary and 3 Roma tomatoes minced in, 1 cup chicken broth, 1 cup dry sherry simmered down crushed up and strained out served in a gravy bowl with roasted walnuts in the bottom, dessert line up will be sweet potatoes boiled chopped up in a pan submerged in orange juice, topped with cinnamon, coconut sugar, and nut meg.  AND  some keto muffins for myself ( I will only be able to eat the dressing and keto muffins but I can eat with my family which is what matters) Full on gluten free meal

I am also tasked with Christmas dinner, my sister will be joining us this year along with her husband and new born baby, I am doing this meal where I can eat a bit of the main course, It will be a smoked full fillet of salmon with smoked paprika on it smoked in the smoker til nice and flaky, for them I am also roasted new potatoes, chopped rough, tossed in nutiva butter flavored coconut oil with some rosemary and black pepper and roasted in the oven. Green beans cooked with pieces of peppered turkey bacon, paleo banana nut muffins with pecans, and keto cinnamon rolls for myself,  with perhaps some keto diner rolls. Breaking out the gluten free hard ciders for my father and brother in law and some nice wine for the ladies. I will be making my own treat with stevia mulled tea with rum extract to taste like a treat.

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1 hour ago, kareng said:

That sounds like a lot of work!  And yummy!


As a chef it is a bit of fun, it is also stressful. BUT  I get to have a FAMILY dinner with relatives in a SAFE environment no worries about gluten or corn making me sick or having a allergic reaction. THAT IS WORTH IT. Peace of mind with my family eating together like the old times.

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