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Fish Oil (Nordic Naturals or any) does it help?

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Does anyone take this or any fish oil and do you find it helps you in any way? I haven't taken it for a long time and I'm about to experiment with very small amounts. I stopped because all supplements were making me sick.

Or is it a lot of hype about how we need omega 3s?

Might it help with energy?

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It is probably better to eat some fish containing the oils.  Oily fish like salmon, mackeral, tuna, and sardines are good to eat because they contain natural vitamin D.  Fish oil pills are not something I'd trust anymore.

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There is some very interesting research out there with regard to the benefit of Omega 3s for inflammation. Most of these clinical trials use doses that it would be difficult to achieve with diet alone. 

I personally take fish oil because generalized inflammation seems to be a big problem for me. As long as you're taking a gel capsule you can see through, you shouldn't have to worry about any fillers with gluten in them. I've looked at some consumer watchdog reports and the big brands are all pretty accurate in their ingredients/percentages. 

I haven't been taking it for long, only a couple of weeks, but I got glutened a couple of days ago and the reaction seems to be less severe than it used to be, though to be fair, I've made several lifestyle changes lately that could be contributing to this. 

My thought is that as long as the fish oil isn't upsetting your stomach and it's a financially viable option, it's one of those things there's really no harm in (as opposed to a drug with side effects). 

Edit: Answering your other question, generalized inflammation can trigger some fatigue (think about the way your body tells you to rest and sleep more when you catch a cold), so reducing it may work in the other direction. But you should also try to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. 

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