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Lisa Millett

celiac disease,cerebral palsy,finger tip numbness

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Hi Lisa,

Welcome to the forum! :)

Your symptoms could have a relation to celiac disease.  Celiac disease can cause malabsorption of nutrients, so you may be low on some vitamins your body needs to function well.  Celiac can also cause a condition called gluten ataxia, which is damage to the brain that results in difficulty walking and controlling muscles.  Celiac can also cause skin rashes known as dermatitis herpetiformis.  Celiac is a very versatile disease and likes to hit all the bases sometimes.  There are hundreds of possible symptoms of celiac disease and quite a few related/associated conditions.  Many of the symptoms have no relation to the digestive system.

There is a lot to learn about celiac disease and this is a good place to learn it.  Feel free to ask questions!

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I have the gluten ataxia issues also, even tiny CC below 20ppm is noticeably as I start dropping stuff like crazy, and can grab hot things and not realize it. I had to get a temperature control mug 2 years ago cause I could not tell I was drinking stuff over 170F when brewing tea. Heck I can on a bad day reach in the oven and take out a pan and not even feel the heat. -_- the calluses this as caused. 
Anyway nerve damage is the slowest to heal and in my experience the most sensitive to gluten, even below FDA standards for gluten free. I have found taking extra B vitamins like Neurological Support and Stress & Energy from Liquid health along with magnesium and a few others things seem to help a tad. I started taking bilsberry extract years ago as it was supposed to boost the blood flow in capillaries and help healing.  Also make sure you getting plenty of fats. With the nerve issues you have to focus on supplementing with foods your body needs more for them.

Other thoughts for numbness, check your blood sugar, diabetes goes hand in hand with celiac. It could be early signs so be careful,

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