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I am sorry for so many questions.

i know I have some sort of gluten sensitivity/ possibly celiac. I went to my family doctor, thinking he would do the blood test. Instead, he referred me to a Gastroenterologist. It is tough for me to get in any time soon to the Gastroenterologist, so I think I should have a blood test done first. When I called back to my family doctor, that acted like I was crazy for wanting a blood test ordered. I’m new to all this, am I asking the right things? All advice is welcomed, I’m so very overwhelmed.

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You are not crazy.  But call the GI office where you have the appointment.  Maybe they would send you for the blood work first?  It might take a little back and forth.... make sure the GI has your records form the other doc, etc.  Or go back to the regular doc and demand the blood work?  Maybe explain that it takes a while to get a GI appt and you want to have everything you can do ahead to make the most of your appt?  


I don't remember if you are a female?  If you are, and you have an OB/GYN appt coming up, they could order the blood work, too.  Did they test for your iron, B12, etc at the first doctor?  Those being low are a symtpom of Celaic to add to your argument.

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