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My body responds to gluten like yours might respond to rat poison.

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I want a great sentence to use with grandmas, neighbors, waitstaff...  I want it to be memorable and not too  overly dramatic.  I also would like it to be slightly accurate.  Here is my current scenario:

new friend:  What is Celiac?

me: It means my body responds to gluten the way yours might respond to rat poinon.

new friend got it and understood the restrictions and complications involved in planning a neighborhood potluck with me.

Please send me your best one-liner that I or anyone else can use when needing a quick explanation.  Or, let me know if mine is best???

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Drinking Beer is like drinking antifreeze

Funny thing we had a poster here who had kids that also had celiac, they got sick and thought they got glutened by a meal......it was salmonella poisoning, let that set in. Getting glutened is like getting salmonella ......makes me wish I had salmonella in a capsule to let non celiacs experience part of our pain.

I also always have a issue watching gluten eaters eat gluten and drink beer...I always likened it to watching aliens eating rat poison and drinking antifreeze.....like I look them one part like they are crazy imagining how it would effect me, other part is like wondering if they are ok, or if they will drop down in pain in the next few hours.

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When restaurants mess up your order and put croutons or bread on your food and then ask why you can't "just take the bun off?"

If there was broken glass on your food, would you just take it off and still eat it? Or would you risk having little tiny shards tear up your insides? Because that's what gluten crumbs do to my insides...

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