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Gas X by GSK (glaskosmithkline)

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So my doc. recommended me to take Gas X.   And of course I constantly read conflicting reports if it contains gluten here and on the internet.   Whether they are chewables or gel caps form.

I've read that 'Gas X' gel caps by Novartis are gluten free.    But on store shelves I only see 'Gas X' gel caps by GSK (glaskosmithkline).  Maybe GSK bought Novartis???????

Can anyone, who has done recent verification, tell me if 'Gas X' gel caps by GSK are gluten free.





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1 hour ago, admin said:

Good question...sometimes you need to call the number on the box to find out.

I did call the number on the box.    GSK did buy the Novartis Gas X brand.  I was given the same typical response.   We don't use any wheat, rye, or barley.   But since we don't do testing we can't guarantee other companies ingredients we use in the product could contain gluten.

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It used to be on the old FG drug list.  The pharmacist who advocates for celiacs is updating the list, but it takes time.  So, this product is not on the new list yet.  It should be fine.  


I have many non-celiac reactions to medications (anaphylactic).   Each time is a crap shoot for me.  So, my strategy is to avoid any drug unless my life is in jeopardy or I am taking it in the doctor’s office or have an EPI pen handy.   So, if you are really worried, skip it.  Having a little gas is bearable.  

Try to figure out the gas source, instead of reducing the symptoms.  I know easier said than done.  ?

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