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Guttate psoriasis

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I’m still trying to figure out my itchy lesions. Has anyone heard of guttate psoriasis? 

A new general doc said I clearly have something going on internally (not bug bites like the last one insisted it was and not scabies like the allergist said). She said it looks like an atypical psoriasis, so I googled. Have a derm apt. Monday. 

For those searching for answers, maybe check it out: http://psoriasismedication.org/guttate-psoriasis/

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I suggest you have your doctor check for nutritional deficiencies common in Celiacs.    Deficiency in Vitamin D can make psoriasis worse.  Vitamin A deficiency can cause goose flesh and other skin problems.  Also deficiencies in several B vitamins can manifest as skin problems.  Deficiencies of Vitamins B12, B3 (niacin), B2 (riboflavin), and B 9 (methylfolate) can contribute to rashes, DH, and psoriasis.  

Hope this helps.  

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Thanks for the info. I had a vitamin D deficiency a couple of years ago and started a supplement. I’ve not been good at taking it lately. In the past, when many things were wrong/off with me regarding sleep issues, all they found was a B-12 deficiency.

What’s goose flesh?

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Goose flesh....you know when you're cold and you get chill bumps?  Well, goose flesh is like those bumps but they stay even when you're not cold.  It's caused by a build up of keratin near hair follicles.  Keratin can also build up in your intestinal tract and lungs.  The body needs vitamin A to process out that keratin, and for skin and eye health, and blood cell production.  Poor night vision and taking a long time to adjust to dim or bright light is an early sign of deficiency.  Other signs are dry eyes, skin problems, and vaginal dryness.  

Vitamin D acts like a hormone in the body and is involved in many body processes.  I advocate for vitamin D levels up in the 70's or higher, the levels one would have if living in the tropics with abundant sunshine.  Vitamin D deficiency can cause depression, thyroid problems, bone and muscle pain and fatigue, hair loss, osteoporosis, female hormone problems, and slow wound healing (including slow healing of the intestinal tract).  

Vitamins A, D, E and K are fat soluble vitamins.  If you have difficulty absorbing fats, you may become deficient in these vitamins.  These vitamins can be stored in the body for only a few months. 

The eight B vitamins all work together.  They are water soluble and need to be replenished every day.  Cobalamin (B12) needs folate (B9) especially to work properly.  Other B vitamins like riboflavin (B2), thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), and pyridoxine (B6) are instrumental in keeping your skin and intestinal tract well and your brain and body functioning.  Some Celiacs need a more bioavailable form of some B vitamins, methylcobalamine, methylfolate, and P5P form of pyridoxine.  

And then there's the minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium, as well as trace minerals like selenium and molybdenum, that may be deficient.  Deficiencies in these minerals can cause skin problems, too. 

If you're deficient in one, there's a good chance you're deficient in all of them.  Because these vitamins and minerals work inside the body's tissues, a deficiency isn't always spotted early by a blood test or urinalysis.  And doctors are not familiar with deficiency diseases.  (Deficiency diseases only happen in third world countries, right?)  Celiac Disease causes malabsorption which results in malnutrition. 

Vitamin deficiencies may take several weeks or months to correct.  I understand how one would want a magic pill from a doctor that works overnight to relieve the symptoms, but one really needs to treat the root cause, nutritional deficiencies.  

If you had a really expensive car, a Lamborghini or a Maserati, you would put the best oil and high octane fuel in it, right?  Well, your body has got dashboard lights blinking, saying there's a problem, and you need to put high octane nutrition in your tank!  

I went through a horrible experience because doctors did not recognize my deficiency symptoms and resulting deficiency diseases and I suffered for years unnecessarily and am left scarred and partially blind. I don't want that to happen to anybody else.  So....please.....

Take your Vitamin D and B 12 deficiencies seriously.  Get checked for other deficiencies and correct them!   

Hope this helps, 

Knitty Kitty

P.S. Trazodone can cause riboflavin deficiency.  Try tryptophan (a precursor of niacin), calcium, and vitamin D for improved sleep.  


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