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Wegmans ricotta

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So, I know Wegmans is awesome about gluten-free labels. The ricotta they use does not have a a gluten-free label and in one of their online recipes for gluten-free lasagna they actually use  Belgioioso ricotta.

That being said, they will not label a product as gluten-free unless the manufacturer can guarantee it.

I did contact the company but was hoping someone here might have had the Wegmans ricotta before with/without issues.

It contains vinegar. Am I right to assume this is NOT malt vinegar if it simply says vinegar?

I guess what I am wondering is if it actually is MADE with gluten containing ingredients vs possibly being cross contaminated with them.





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You could call 1 800 Wegmans and talk to a rep. I trust Wegmans for their knowledge of gluten free foods and have never been CC'd or reacted in any way to anything they label with the Circle G. Because of this I would likely pass on the ricotta.

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