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Allergy test all negatives

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so I have had very bad all around allergies since I was 16 (now 26) and today I went and had a new round of allergy testing. Usually I go to a holistic doctor and all my allergies line up constantly no problem. My major one of course gluten, and then followed by peanuts and varoiouse other foods. For the first time my primary care sent me to an allergist. They did a 75 panel test for food allergies. ALL of them were negative, however the histamine ones were awful itchy, red, and welted as well as burning. But “no allergies”. And I’m telling them I get very sick and my throat starts closing .... but I’m the crazy one ?. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Look into Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or a histamine intolerance.  But....there is an allergy to wheat, but not to gluten.  You can have both a wheat allergy or a gluten intolerance (celiac disease or NCGS).  Has celiac disease been ruled out?  Can you clarify what kind of allergy testing.  Blood tests for IgG responses can be way off.  Google it.  

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