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Funny thing happened at the dermatologist

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So, I really thought I found my diagnosis, thought it was guttate Psoriasis (still think that). The new dermatologist said she originally thought DH looking at my skin. But, because I brought my previous biopsy results with me, she thinks it’s contact dermatitis. And wants to do a patch test that she thinks probably won’t show anything. ??? The quest continues... i’m Just posting this so maybe, someday, I can get a diagnosis and help someone who is going through what I’ve been through. 

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Thanks for documenting this, as you say it's helpful for others. I'm sorry your having to go round the houses again!

I presented the same rash at the same dermatology centre on two successive appointments to two different dermatologists and got two different diagnoses. So these days I'm cautious about what they say. 

I had a quick look at your posts melon, I understand the desire for making evidence based decisions, but you may want to consider a decent trial of a gluten free and probably dairy free diet along with a food diet as an evidence gathering process in its own right. You tick lots of boxes, but I found to my cost that definitive answers aren't always available. 

For me, it took longer to realise that dairy just wasn't an option, especially where my skin was concerned. 

Best of luck in any case!

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    Thank you Ranchers Wife.  Since I'm asymptomatic, I would not know if I had gluten. I cannot imagine having to worry about getting sick from cross-contamination. 
    Hi Jenna1028, They test for DH by taking a small skin biopsy from clear skin next to a lesion.  If you have DH, you have celiac disease.  But, you need to be eating a gluten diet for 12 weeks (gluten challenge) before getting the skin bi...
    To the OP, once in a while this stuff happens.  Please feel free to start a new topic if that would make it easier.  I am afraid this is just part of forums on the internet. I hope this didn’t chase you off.  
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