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Positive Habits and Skills Because of Celiac

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Upbeat post list positive habits and skills you developed because of the disease.

OCD Clean the kitchen
OCD Clean the toilet
Learned to Cook
Learned to become my own dietician and studied nutrition
Cook all my own meals from scratch
Built out my own gluten free living environment and moved out on my own
Eat healthier
Started yoga and working out to maintain my body
Started a gluten free bakery business
Started custom chef work and recipe development for others with food allergies

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I think now about everything I eat or drink. 

It doesn't mean I always make the most healthy choice, lots of gluten free foods aren't particularly good for you in terms of fat, salt, sugar etc. content, but that moment of thought beforehand does help me be a little more aware in the moment of what I'm consuming.

Years ago I never gave it a second thought. For some reason I never put on weight so I ate what I liked... :rolleyes:

Oh and I think it's made me more empathetic towards others who are struggling in one way or other. At least I hope so. :) 

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