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Anti-TTG positive, biopsy negative?

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I’ve had anti-ttg(iga) tests done in October 2016 and came out as positive - 69 kU/L.

Due to a mess (lost faxes, broken communication between doctors, etc) I only saw gastro specialist 6 months larer in May 2017. Meanwhile I was told to stop eating gluten, so I was glutenfree for these 6 months. When I saw the gastrologist, she told me to go back on normal gluten diet for 3 months and come back for endoscopy. It was done in October, but the results state (translated from French to the best of my capability - see the attached image for original text in French):

- discrete chronic non specific duodenitis

- absense of some atrophy “villositaire” and no augmentation of some intra-epithetal lymphatic index, which means there is no celiac desease.


There were 4 samples taken - around 4x4mm.


So, I asked my family doctor - now what? Am I allergic or now? What I am supposed to do? Etc

He told me to go back and see the gastrologist. I am meeting them next week, but I am not too hopeful that she would be able to answer these questions, so i want to go prepared.


I need your advice - what questions should I be asking? Should I insist I get some additional blood test?

Please help.D52B057E-3158-4E6C-913A-E5B6C87DC2EB.thumb.jpeg.b9b22a35c1c6c2ff24ee8d9eece4f1f1.jpeg



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