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Low alkaline phosphatase

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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum (in the testing stages) and was wanting to get a second opinion on my blood panel results. My alkaline phosphatase levels were flagged as low, mine are at 30 with the normal range being 34-130. Has anyone else experienced this problem before being diagnosed as Celiac? I am a 20 y/o female. I understand that this is a sign of malnourishment, and for the past few months I have been having trouble gaining weight and my hair has been falling out like crazy. In addition, I have been experiencing constipation and bloating although I have a healthy diet and I exercise. I am seeing my Doc on Friday to discuss these symptoms- hoping not to be dismissed as "stress." If anyone has insight on alkaline phosphatase levels please share. Thanks y'all!

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I admit to not understanding the ins and outs of how this enzyme works and how its functioning gives meaning to a lab test, in this case a low reading, but I can type words out of a book.

"Although ALP is found in many tissues, the highest concentrations are found in the liver, biliary tract epithelium, and bone. Detection of this enzyme is important for determining liver and bone disorders. Within the liver, ALP is present in Kupffer cells....lining the biliary collecting system. This enzyme is excreted into the bile....Drugs that may cause decreased levels include arsenicals, cyanides, fluorides, nitrofurantoin, oxalates, and zine salts."

Decreased levels: hypothyroidism, malnutrition, milk-alkali syndrome, pernicious anemia, hypophosphatemia, scurvy, Celiac disease, excess vitamin B ingestion, hypophosphatasia

Pagana, K. D., & Pagana, T. J. (2013). Mosby's diagnostic and laboratory test reference (11th ed.). St. Louis, Mo. ; London: Mosby.


ETA: I might check it again and/or ask your doc about it: it may not be necessary to worry about it.

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